SpeedOptimizer 3.0

Powerful program for increasing your internet connection speed

SpeedOptimizer is a useful tool for increasing your computer’s net connection speed. It can be used for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and also supports all internet connections, like Dial-up, cable, DSL/ADSL, T1, etc.

and works with all network or Ethernet cards. The program is also compatible with all browsers and email clients, and supports all ISP network connections.

SpeedOptimizer speeds up all internet data transmission and allows faster loading of web page elements like text and graphics. The program also allows faster download, upload or streaming of files, a faster delivery of emails and attachments, and improved performance for web applications like online games or programs.

SpeedOptimizer has a simple and user-friendly interface with added features like Online and Offline help files and manageable system settings that promote easy installment and usage.